Flutter-Beautiful way to create cross platform apps..!!

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Flutter is an open-source framework that lets developers create apps for both iOS and Android. With app development becoming more complex and costly, Flutter offers an excellent opportunity for developers to cut the cost in many ways. We recently covered why flutter is the future of cross-platform app development.

In this article, we will be exploring the reasons why Flutter makes app development less costly than native Android and iOS apps.

Cross Platform Development

Google made flutter versions better and better as it goes, and now in latest version,They are providing highly stable framework to develope apps on all platforms such as android, iOS and web.Flutter reduced so much costing and devlopement time, So its become trending in startups and freelancers.You just have to code once and boom..!! It will work on varios platforms .

Cross-platform developement is new and it is already used by many of developers.React native and ionic also providing this feature but as flutter cuts the cost in many ways ,most of developers started using flutter.However, Flutter makes it super easy to develop an app that runs on both platforms. It also lets developers take advantage of the native features that are offered by each platform, i.e., iOS and Android.

Fast Development Time

Hot-reload is a great feature in flutter alolows user to make changes in real time.You just have to go as per code flow and changes will be seen on simulator.It also provind run time debugging feature which reduced development time by almost half as compared before.But it is not a completely automated and it having some limitations , if you made big changes,But hot-restart is also way which encounters this disadvantage.

MVP Development

With so many startups on the market, you’d definitely need a Minimum valuable product (MVP) to convince your investors. And for that, you need to create an MVP that works on different platforms so that you can show its applicability across them. Flutter can help do just that. By making your MVP in Flutter, you can save both time and cost.

Not only that, you can use the MVP to build your product since the code written in Flutter is of great quality.

Great Community support

As it is started from 2015,Also most of developers tending towards it, has greatt community support.Flutter is a open source framework ,so you dont have to pay for it ,You only need to pay is " time to learn".Flutter is easy to learn which means that the developers can ramp-up and build apps very quickly.

Beautiful Ui Features

Flutter is so intelligently developed that you can develope it as you want it to. It provides great features for rendering widget, paint,colors, themes and much more. It is having a very easy rows and columns like structures allows you to make screen like graphics design..!!.Flutter uses Dart which is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language. Moreover, it doesn’t need the JavaScript bridge to work and hence improves the overall performance of the app. All the widgets are compiled natively to specific platforms.